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***    Kelly Marks & Intelligent Horsemanship Lockdown Fundraiser for Shy Lowen    ***

Here at Shy Lowen we are always honoured by the support we receive from our Patron Kelly Marks and the members of Intelligent Horsemanship. Since the outbreak of the pandemic we have been struggling through one of our most difficult times ever financially, as the income we usually rely on from equine therapy, pony rides, riding lessons and fundraising events has stopped, so we are extremely grateful to Kelly for reaching out to ask for help on our behalf.

Thanks to the amazing response Kelly's appeal received from IH members and supporters, we are pleased to announce a very exciting fundraising draw to raise funds to help keep us going until we are able to generate our own income again. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated these amazing prizes, you don’t know how much it means to us to know you all care so much about Shy Lowen.

To enter, all you need to do is make a donation to this fundraiser - for every £5 donated, you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of the items listed below which have been very kindly gifted to us. So by donating £10 you will have 2 chances to win, for £20 you will have 4 chances to win, and so on!

To take part in our fundraiser, please donate a minimum of £5 using the attached link remembering to tick the box to say we can see your name and contact details. We can then enter you into the prize draw. Please also do tick the box to allow us to claim Gift Aid on your donation if appropriate, as this means we can receive extra money at no cost to you.

Please share this fantastic fundraising appeal with your friends! Good luck everyone and thank you 😊


A Teach Your Horse Perfect Manners course with Kelly Marks and Team - worth £350 kindly donated by Kelly Marks…/perfect-manners/

A Day Behind the Scenes with Gillian Higgins of - kindly donated by Gillian Higgins

A Monty Roberts Dually Halter - kindly donated by Kelly Marks…/produ…/dually-halter

A year’s membership of Intelligent Horsemanship - kindly donated by Kelly Marks

A space on the How Very Horsey Rider Confidence Course – kindly donated by Daisy Smith

A Gillian Higgins DVD: Movement from the Anatomical Perspective - kindly donated by Gillian Higgins

3kg tub of TopSpec All-in-One multi-supplement - kindly donated by Top Spec

A portrait of your choosing, up to A4 size, by Memoir Studios - kindly donated by Jody Wheeler

Three places on a Zero to Hero online yoga course - kindly donated by Meg Jackson

A four hour/half-day individual Equine Facilitated Learning Session, to take place post-lockdown - kindly donated by Sarah Christina

An Equine Biomechanics Session in person or on Zoom - kindly donated by Amy Craske

2 x half hour one-to-one Pawsitively Does It dog training sessions - kindly donated by Dawn Cassar

All proceeds from this brilliant fundraiser will go direct to help the Shy Lowen horses and humans. What are you waiting for?!

To donate to this appeal please click here

Kids helping horses

Our horses and ponies are cared for and trained by local children. Many of them had never had close contact with a horse before. They are soon on their way to building the relationships of trust that are the cornerstone of our training.

The more experienced kids help the younger ones teach the horses to overcome their fears and learn the skills needed to be ridden horses, ready for new homes. If that's not possible, they continue to care for them in the sanctuary.

Find your perfect partner

We have ridden and companion horses for long term loan. Click here for more information on loaning from Shy Lowen.


Horses helping kids

Horses are extraordinary teachers. They do not lie, they do not fall for the images we create to protect ourselves. They do not care if you are rich or poor, if your jeans are designer or tatty. They only see you, the real you.

Our horses help our kids find that person inside. They teach them about self worth, trust and confidence. The help them express themselves without anger but instead with understanding. They teach them to listen, and to be listened to. They help them to succeed.

Click on the centre photo to see the documentary 'The Wild Ones' shown on Channel 4

Bernadette Langfield wins IFAW2017 Equine Welfare Award

We are thrilled to announce that Bernie, Shy Lowen's founder and Chair of Trustees, has been awarded the 2017 International Fund for Animal Welfare (IWAF) Equine Welfare Award in recognition of her extraordinary contribution not only to equine welfare through the rescue and rehabilitation side of Shy Lowen's work, but also of her vision and commitment to incorporating equine assisted therapy and other community services into the core of our work. 


'Thank you for all the very kind words since it was announced that an IFAW Animal Action Award had come our way. I was very humbled by the nomination and overwhelmed when I heard that we had won the award. Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary of course isn’t a one man (or woman or family) band. We have amazing, dedicated staff and volunteers here. We have fantastic public support. We are lucky to have been supported throughout by excellent veterinary, farriery and dentistry professionals. We are honoured to have Patrons who hold the Shy Lowen cause in their hearts.

It was particularly poignant when, at the Awards Ceremony, we heard that the IFAW awards began 18 years ago. So did Shy Lowen. 

I want to make a special thank you to somebody who no longer inhabits Earth. The one who started all this. The one whose courage and strength in the face of real adversity inspired the concept of Shy Lowen and all it stands for. His name is Halley’s Comet (click to read his and our story).

Let what he started as a little ripple in a North West corner of England along with so many other ripples of positivity throughout our Earth become a tidal wave of change for the world. Love conquering hate and peace conquering war. It starts with you. Be the best that you can be.Build it and they will come.

Bernie xxx



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