We provide the horses and facilities for the equine assisted learning run by our sister organisation, Silent Whispers. As well as this more structured work, just coming to Shy Lowen as a volunteer or even for an ad hoc visit can be therapeutic. Silent Whispers' clients include local authorities and other educational establishments, the Tom Harrison House additiction treatment centre for ex-servicemen and individuals.

Horses are extraordinary teachers. They see you as you are. They are not fooled by bluff or pretence. They react to mood and intent. In their eyes we are all equal, not even the most famous Liverpool football player would be given special status by a horse!

This means that they provide a superb way of learning self worth and confidence. We teach communications skills, anger management, trust, patience and a range of other social skills through our horses. As always, the kids need to work hard. With no effort or motivation, the horse will not respond. Get it right and the rewards are immediate and true.

This type of learning is ongoing with every individual who comes to us for any period of time. That doesn't mean that everyone who comes here has specific learning needs - it means that horses teach us about ourselves all the time. For those kids who do have a specific need, we ensure that they are given the support and structure they need to grow into the best person they can be.

To understand more about how this works, we'd love you to watch the documentary produced for Channel 4 called The Wild Ones. It's very moving, and very Shy Lowen!


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