Horse of the month

Autumn Morning

Autumn is an ex-flat racer who is a lovely ride for an
experienced rider. She is a kind girl who with lots of potential

Is she maybe your new horse? Contact us to find out more!

Are you looking for a wonderful new equine friend? Whether you need a steady hack, a potential show horse or a companion for another horse, we may just have what you are looking for. You'll be surprised at the variety of amazing animals we have looking for homes.

Click on the photos of anyone who catches your eye to open up their file. Many of our horses also have albums on Flickr and video on YouTube. If you think you could give one of them a suitable home, please contact us to discuss if you may be a suitable match.

All of our horses belong to us for the rest of their lives, so providing a safety net for both the horse and you should circumstances change. They are only rehomed subject to a careful check, including of the location the horse will be kept, and to a written loan agreement . Individual horses may have specific needs, and these will be made clear to you and will be incorportated into the agreement.


Little Ponies
Up to 12.3hh

Little ponies are suitable for little people! They can make great kids ponies as they aren't too big so don't overwhelm smaller children. Many of our ponies have little ridden experience outside the centre, though, so you may need to be prepared to do some training and work if you want your kids to go hacking or showing.

Little ponies also make great companions as they don't take up some much room. They will, though, still need the same care and attention.

We currently have 9 little ponies looking for homes. Click on Merry to see all our  little ponies


Bigger Ponies
13hh - 14.2hh

Bigger ponies are great all round family rides. Depending on the size and build of the pony and the person, they can take both children and adults as riders. It means that a parent can keep the pony fit and exercised while kids are at school, or provide a ride for a visiting friend.

We currently have 3 bigger ponies looking for homes. Click on Maizey to see our other bigger ponies


Medium Horses
14.3hh - 15.3hh

This is a very popular group of horses, not too big and not too small. It includes some of the best known breeds, such as thoroughbreds and Welsh Sec D, and you'll also find Arabs, traditional cobs and more!

We currently have 3  medium horses looking for homes. Click on Denver to see our other medium horses.


Big Horses
16hh and over

The world just wouldn't be complete without the magnificent big horses, would it? Whether it's a 17hh dressage horse or a 16.2hh heavy horse, you can't help but admire them, can you? Bigger horses have bigger needs - they can eat a lot, need a bigger stable and bigger rugs, and might muddy up your field quicker. They're small prices to pay to gain the friendship of one of these gentle giants.

We currently do not have any big horses for loan. Please check back again soon!







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