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Monty Roberts

We are honoured to have the world famous American trainer Monty Roberts as one of our patrons. There could be no greater endorsement for our work and methods than his support.

Monty has spent his entire life striving to improve the lives of horses across the world, developing training methods including Join Up® to provide an alternative to the traditional methods of force used by some other trainers.

Traditional methods aim to teach the horse to “DO AS I SAY” and involve the use of pain and intimidation, but Monty focuses on communion with the horse, rather than domination. “For centuries, humans have said to horses, “You do what I tell you or I'll hurt you,” I'm saying that no one has the right to say, “you must” to an animal or to another human,” says Monty.His non-violent training methods are at the heart of Shy Lowen's ethics.


Kelly Marks

Kelly is the founder of Intelligent Horsemanship, an organisation dedicated to bring the best horsemanship ideas together from around the world in an effort to promote understanding and fair treatment of horses at every opportunity. Kelly and her team run educational courses from Witney, in West Oxfordshire.

Kelly is one of the country's most popular and effective specialists in understanding horse psychology and behaviour and finding workable solutions for the benefit of both horses and their owners.




Roger Lyon

A great favourite with BBC Radio Merseyside listeners, Roger aims to reflect music and chat from across Merseyside. With great music, great company and all your local news and weather, relax on Saturday afternoons with Roger Lyon. For people outside the Merseyside area, you can hear Roger on-line through the BBC radio iPlayer.

Roger supports the work of Shy Lowen Sanctuary and opened our Education Centre on 28th September 2008.

Go to Roger's BBC Radio Merseyside page here


 Mike Badger

Local musician and artist Mike Badger is also organiser of our annual and popular Music Festival (Glastonbury beware...). His art work includes sculputre with recycled materials, so it seems rather appropriate that Mike is a patron for a charity for recycled horses!





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