Here is just a small selection of some of our horses and ponies now in loan homes.



Charmer's story is one of double success. He came to Shy Lowen very confused about his relationship with people. He needed a special person to help him gain his confidence and understand about being a normal pony again. He met Beth.

Beth is one of our long-serving volunteers. She had formed a special bond with a pony called Toby. Toby sadly passed over to Rainbow Bridge, leaving Beth in need of a special pony. She met Charmer.

The result was one that made everyone smile. Beth and her loan pony, a match made in heaven.


Ozzy is just the perfect pony for his family! But then his family is perfect for Ozzy too! After only a couple of months in his new home, it looks like he's settled really well.


You don't have to be a pony to be perfect for kids, as our wonderful Chocky is only too pleased to prove!

Mr Spud

Here is Shy Lowen's Mr Spud with his loaner Rhiannon after winning first place in 6 out of 6 gymkhana races!! Well done to them both!


We are very proud of Shy Lowen's Casper, shown with his loaner Megan at their first show together after coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd place throughout the day.


One of our great successes recently is Isaac. He came to Shy Lowen as a serial bolter, whose former owner sadly came to the conclusion that he was too dangerous for her to keep. Some time and lots of patience (and Shelley's skill!) later, and Isaac has turned into such a wonderful horse that he will be one of our riding school horses, taking more advanced riders.

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