Our hands on-team is made up of the full and part time voluntary staff who keep the sanctuary running and look after the administrative side of things. Most of our staff are young volunteers. They do all yard duties, making sure that each animal is cared for according to their own individual need, and they also train and ride as needed. You can see them in action at our open days, when they perform in ridden displays. Many of them are members of the Care Committee.

Bernie is the inspiration, driving force, administrator and teacher. You'll find Bernie at the sanctuary during the day and at home in front of her computer at night. And if she's not there, she'll probably be at a Shy Lowen related meeting or event.

Another constant presence at Shy Lowen is Bernie's daughter, Shelley. Trained as a veterinary nurse, Shelley is also an expert rider with many years of experience riding young and remedial horses.

Together, Bernie and Shelley supervise the running of the sanctuary, teach the kids, oversee the training of the horses, liaise with the local council and community members, and countless other jobs that keep us going from strength to strength.

We also have a core of older volunteers who have come up through the ranks, starting as volunteers and care committee members before moving on to more responsible roles. Lillie O'Conor and Ellie Jones are now junior trustees, whle other older volunteers such as Elisha Ormrod and Beth McGhee also provide invaluable support to younger team members and to the sanctuary as a whole.


Beth and Ellie

We have, of course, also attracted many volunteers who have come to Shy Lowen as adults. Their names are too numerous to mention but we thank them all, whether they spend a couple of hours helping around the yard from time to time, whether they come weekly for specific tasks, or whether they just keep the cogs moving in the background by providing administrative (and moral!) support.

Our Trustees

We have a team of 7 full trustees and a junior trustees who look after the charity, make sure we are compliant with any legal requirements, and who also between them carry out most of the administrative work. Bernadette is the chair of the board of trustees. Working alongside her are Shelley Irving, Eric Langfield, Pat Sheridan, Kellie O'Shea, Nanette Cox and Ellie Jones, with Lillie O'Connor as junior trustee. Eric is often seen driving the trailer to pony ride events and ferrying around various supplies. Between them, our trustees provide a wealth of experience in business, law and horse training.



Registered Charity Number 1122891
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