Comet - 28/11/16

Shy Lowen began because somebody inspired a family to do something for horses with 'behavioural problems'. There was a horse whose early life was so traumatic that he hated people, not a little bit - he hated people a lot. Shy Lowen's founder family met this horse in February 1992. The search for a way to help him led to Monty Roberts and then Kelly Marks. The rest you could say is history - or the future. To leave a legacy, it's a dream to aspire to. To change lives by changing your own life, a magical way of being. The somebody behind this is very special. His name is Comet. Today at 30 years of age his brave heart let him down and John from Gillivervet Ltd arrived to help our wonderful boy set off on his journey across the Rainbow Bridge. So Comet we're on over 270 lives saved because you showed us how. Thank you for everything and we love you forever.


 Kas - 10/9/18

We lost our beautiful 28 year old arab Katsura. He originally came to us in 2006 after finding himself in difficult circumstances. From 2007 until 2013 he was happy in a loan home in North Wales. He was still very active for two years after his return but was retired in 2015 when the stiffness of his advancing years meant that no more work was the right option. He fell in love with our Angel and they could always be seen spending their time together. She will miss him very much. Gallop free across the bridge Kas. We love you xxxx

Fred 27/10/18

Today we were forced to say a very sad and sudden goodbye to one of Shy Lowen's most popular sponsor horses of all time, our beautiful inside-and-out 28-year-old thoroughbred Fred. His health very quickly deteriorated over a couple of hours this afternoon and the emergency vet discovered that he had a ruptured tumour, so the decision to end his suffering unfortunately had to be taken immediately and came as a terrible shock to us all. 
Fred came to the sanctuary in 2003, when his successful dressage career was ended prematurely after he suffered a series of mysterious blackouts. Vets could not find any medical cause and eventually diagnosed his collapses as a neurological issue caused by stress. After initial ridden assessments and discovering that he was most happy and relaxed when left to his own devices in his new home, it was decided that he would be retired as a permanent resident to ensure his wellbeing for the rest of his life, and he had no further seizures as a result. He has been a firm favourite among horses, staff, volunteers, clients and visitors during the 15 years he spent with us, and an exceptional therapy horse who helped many troubled children and adults.
Fred has long held the title of Shy Lowen's most handsome and perfectly put together horse, and his legacy will take some beating. He acted as herd leader and protector well into his old age, and even when he stood down, his air of nobility, sensitivity and dignity meant he kept the respect and admiration of all his peers as well as the youngsters. He leaves behind his beloved Pazaz, who arrived the same year,and has remained his best friend and constant companion ever since, but he will hopefully be reunited with his trusted henchmen, Comet and Bailey, who left us 2 years ago.
Run free over the bridge, our gorgeous gentleman Frederick, we love and miss you always xxx

Autum Morning - 5/12/17

Today we said goodbye to our beautiful Autumn Morning. More devastating as she is only 11 years old. She has had a two year battle for health which could not be won and so the fairest outcome for her was to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Run free of pain lovely Autumn. We love you forever xxxx

Whinney 29/3/17

We're wondering whether there are doors on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Doors with food supplies hidden behind them. If there are then there will be fun and games there tonight because our lovely Whinney left us today. She takes with her some immense skills in food stealing. No unattended door was safe when she was about and we often found her with her head buried in the feed bins. Whinney had an untreatable tumour and never lost her zest for life right until the end. R I P lovely cheeky girl, we love you forever xxxx

George 23/2/17

George came into the care of Shy Lowen in February 2014 at the age of 14. He was born into the racing industry as "Caught Out", and had a short-lived career before deciding that racing was not the life for him. He moved on to a couple of new homes but decided that he would prefer to retire from his previous jobs altogether and so made his way to us. He spent the last three years of his life making his mark on Shy Lowen with his big personality and quirky antics, and we will miss him very much. 

George was a wonderful stablemate to his very best friend Warrick who left us last year, and who we know will have been waiting to welcome him as he galloped across the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. Look down on your friend Camilla tonight both of you, as she grieves George's loss together with his other friends from Shy Lowen. We will all miss you big handsome lad, run free xxxxxxxxx

Blackie 27/9/16

Blackie has left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge. She has the best moustache in the world and was always first in the queue for apples. She liked to barge people around and even as she became weaker she would still like her own way. She had a lovely morning surrounded by people who love her and eating chocolate and all the things she wasn't usually allowed.Run free over the bridge Blackie and enjoy having strong legs again x

Warrick 16/9/16

Big gentle Warrick has left us this morning. He arrived at Shy Lowen seven years ago after his owner had a serious, life changing accident which left Warrick homeless. Warrick already had compromised health as he suffered from a degenerative joint disorder (arthritis). He had a couple of loan homes before retiring back to Shy Lowen in 2014 and throughout all the years he's been a firm favourite. This week his health was showing deterioration that would affect his quality of life and so he was helped on his next journey across the Rainbow Bridge. Our beautiful gentle boy left us with the usual look of deep love and understanding in his eyes. His beautiful spirit is now free of the painful body. Run Free big man, make some thunder with those big plate sized feet. xxxxxxxxx

Sharla - 17/3/16

You may remember Sharla arriving unexpectedly on 6th November last year. She has had a winter of eating lots and lots of good food, playing with some new friends and being loved very much. She never gained full good health although she did get to show her lovely feisty nature. There was clearly an underlying liver problem and over the last couple of days symptoms began to unfold and Sharla began to head towards poor health. Today with beautiful sunshine warming her and whilst eating a very tasty mars bar she was helped on her way to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Gallop free Sharla, we hope you enjoyed your few months with us xxxxxxx

Hamish - 28/2/16

What a character Hammy was, who hopefully taught everyone who knew him to make the most of life and that if there's something you want (i.e. grass, feed bins, freedom...), go for it wholeheartedly and never let anyone stand in your way!

He'll be much missed xxx

Shelley Irving

Bess - 26/2/16

12 years ago I went to Shy Lowen for a look at apony called Bessie, when we arrived we were shown a little black pony who seemed to have a very cheeky character and we decided to take her home.

It took about 2 years to build up a bond properly with her, on the floor and under saddle then one day it just clicked and we became best friends.

She was my knight in shining armour, she was there through every emotion. If I was ever upset I would look forward to seeing her as I knew she could always cheer me up.

We show jumped, we did dressage and we even went through the showing world, as long as we were together we could do anything. We got many rosettes, sashes and some fantastic wins!

Every day, when I pulled up in my car and she was there head over the door ready to greet me, my heart would fill with happiness.

I made her a promise from the start I would love her unconditionally and she would want for nothing. I would care for her when she was ill and I would fight till the very end but I would never let her suffer.

12 years later, on 26/02/16 I had to say goodbye to my best friend after battling for 12 months, we were finally defeated. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but I knew it was for the best. She knew it was the right thing to do and showed me how much she loved me right till the end. On our final good bye she put her head in my arms as if to say Thank you for not letting her suffer then she went to sleep peacefully in my arms.

It hurts every day knowing she's not there any more and I miss her very very much

Goodnight God bless my beautiful girl..... One in a million

Emma Dawe - Bess's loaner

Music - 28/1/16

We are very sad to announce that Music crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She has been in her loan home for two years and we send our condolences to Kayleigh and her family. Many of you will remember Music as she had a life threatening injury with half her hoof being almost severed. She had a year of veterinary treatment and therapy before being prepared as a ridden horse and being rehomed. In her loan home she was known as Flicka. She packed a lot of drama into her 13 years, touching many human hearts along the way and we hope she's enjoying her gallop across the bridge. R I P Music, enjoy meeting your great friend Toby again


Sapphire - 14/12/15

Awful news this morning that our beautiful little Caspian mare Sapphire has lost her life to colic. Our thoughts are with her loan family who loved her dearly. We are so sorry for your loss. Run free at Rainbow Bridge Sapphire xxxx

Maddison - 18/11/15

A very sad day today as lovely Madisson crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was very much loved by Sharon who gave her a home over 3 years ago and tried so very hard to help Maddy during her illness. Maddy had a wonderful life with Sharon and had the best any horse could wish for, a loving and devoted human to take care of her needs. This picture was taken only a few days ago, Maddy was happy right up to the end. Thank you so much Sharon for all you gave her. R I P Maddy gallop free xxxx

Splash - 3/10/15

With the very deepest sorrow I have to let everyone know that we had to let Splash go tonight. His miracle recovery was short-lived and he became ill again suddenly this afternoon. Treatment was attempted but this time Splash could not beat the colic and so tonight his life was ended to save him any further suffering. Run free in your own quirky way Splashy, Love you very much xxxx

Gemma - 22/7/15

Gemma was a beautiful Arab mare who has sadly passed away and will be missed greatly by me, her friends and her best friend Camilla. She was a very special horse to me and would always bring a smile to my face when I would go in and see her especially when she would pull her best giraffe impression when being groomed.

She enjoyed spending time out with her best friend Camilla and loved to be groomed but she was very fussy about who she would make friends with and would make dinosaur like noises to any horses she didn’t like which would always make me laugh.

Gemma was loved very much by her friends at Shy Lowen and I know she enjoyed her time there she will be missed very much by me and will never be forgotten she is now out of pain and is in peace having fun galloping over rainbow bridge with her friends. R.I.P Gemma I will always love you.

Nicole Parletti


Mystic Moose - 26/3/14

36 years ago Earth received a special gift. A bay foal was born, he bore the mythical Prophet's thumbprint on his neck. He was destined to excel at everything he tried. When he was young he was a sporting boy. When he was old he helped people by being a horse, a therapy horse.
Throughout all of that time he has touched lives, horses and humans alike. Nobody who met him would ever forget that they did. His huge personality, his charisma and, indeed, his charm were impossible to miss.

A beautiful, powerful and spirited being. His name? Mystic Moose. Moosey to all who loved him. A few years ago his best friend and stable companion Kyle died. Today Moosey left us to join her. At 11am this morning Earth became a poorer place and the invincible, immortal Moosey trod the Rainbow Bridge to meet her. R.I.P Moosey.


Toby - 20/10/14

Toby was a very powerful horse who had a boisterous and confusing personality, he was a beautiful boy and I am proud to call him my best friend. Toby always put a smile on my face every time I seen him even if he was having a bad day seeing him was special, we have some very special memories good and bad and I even have the scars to prove it! Toby came to shy lowen as an aggressive horse who had been neglected he was trained to be vicious, after a long time he began to trust humans and he and I gained a very special relationship together. Are greatest achievement is doing pony ridesfor children and riding him in the mayday parade. I will never forget his handsome face and he will stay by my side forever my love will never die and my heart always be with you, R.I.P to my beautiful angel Tobes. Beth x

Lady Giselle

Lady was such a special horse words can't describe how much you are missed, she was one of my best friends and it always made me smile to see her. She was a gentle giant had such a loving nature, she loved the attention from visitors and volunteers. Saying goodbye to lady was the hardest thing I've ever done but knowing she is out of pain and galloping across Rainbow Bridge, now she can watch over us all. Seeing how happy she looked going into the field for the first time was one of my favourite memories of her. You will always be remembered as a happy caring a lovable horse you are forever in my heart, rest in peace Lady.

Becca Leadbetter

Annie - 4/6/14

Annie arrived at Shy Lowen in the summer of 2011, and we hope she found a happy retirement, she was loved by visitors, volunteers and the other horses. She was initially nervous, but her true personality soon came through and she was very quiet and sweet, and never showed any signs of aggression. RIP Annie

Chula -18/11/14

The Rainbow Bridge had some very fast and powerful hoofbeats crossing this morning and Shy Lowen became a poorer place. We fought long and hard alongside the attending vets Alison and Mary from Gillivervets and for a while it looked like Ch ula may decide to stay. Devastating changes happened this morning and we could only give Chula the final gift of an easier way out from colic complications she was suffering.

R.I.P wonderful girl, enjoy meeting up with your best friend Annie.


Marney -  well what can't I say about her? She had the biggest and boldest personality I have ever come across but also owned a heart of gold who would do anything in her power to make you smile and make your day worth while and that's both humans and animals. Although Marney wasn't the biggest standing at 11.2hh she made a massive impact on my life which I wouldn't change for the world. There were good and bad times but me and Marney shared a friendship so strong and I am so grateful I got to spend the time I did with her and now maybe she didn't have the best start to life but I like to think she had the best end to life being treated like a princess she truly was. Until we meet again and our paths cross again rest in peace my angel love you always Tyler xx

Polly - 7/16/14

It was a shock when 20 year old Polly left us and her best friend Harry who relied upon her so much. Polly's leaving for Rainbow Bridge was sudden and completely unexpected. She arrived at Shy Lowen on 14 June 2012 with Harry. They had been neglected and were difficult to handle when they arrived, having been part of a rescued group of three ponies — their third companion had been put to sleep by RSPCA as he was physically too bad to have a chance of recovery. So when Harry and Polly arrived they were traumatised and Polly was emaciated and unable to eat owing to dental problems. She had significant dental work over the following months, including the removal of three molars. Over the two years she was with us she showed her feisty personality and the adoration Harry had for her deepened with every day. We hope Harry can come to terms with the loss of his best friend. R.I.P Polly your memory will be cherished by us forever xx