Our Long Term Residents

Some horses will live with us always. These are those who are older or who have conditions that need our care. As of 2015, we also have a group of horses who will be working in our riding school.

Would you like to have a special link with one of our long term residents? Maybe you'd like to 'own' a bit of pony if you can't have one all for yourself. In that case, why not sponsor your favourite?

You will get a personalised certificateand a letter from your special friend. We also have the occasional newsletter - you'll get a copy of that too. And, of course, you'll get a special welcome if you come and visit!

Click on your horse's 'sponsor me' button to go straight to their own JustGiving page.




Pazaz is a dark brown mare born in 1997. She came to Shy Lowen in 2004 as she was unwanted and neglected by her owners. She was very underweight when she arrived and suffered weakness in her hind quarters and regular lameness on her hind legs. Veterinary examinations found that she had fractured her pelvis at some point in her past although we don't know exactly when. She is also a very poorly conformed horse so it was decided she would never be ridden or worked and would stay at the sanctuary permanently.

If you see Pazaz at the sanctuary you might think she looks thin. This is to keep the weight off her injured pelvis. She's a very happy girl, whatever might be wrong underneath!


Curly came to Shy Lowen around 4 years ago now and is a fantastic horse. Curly used to do show jumping before he came to Shy Lowen and he went by the show name Skywalker 2. He loves teaching our volunteers to ride and jump and he also loves to do pony rides on open days and on outings. Curly is a wonderful, kind, gentle and loving horse who loves to be groomed.

Curly has Cushings, an incurable disease that we manage with medication.



Rolo is a gorgeous chestnut, Welsh section D gelding who is very popular with visitors for his good looks and happy, cheeky and lovable personality. Rolo came to the sanctuary in summer 2010 and he has a problem with the tendons in his back legs which should mean he can't be ridden, but Rolo has other ideas! He adores doing pony rides and can often be seen when we do off-site rides in the local community. He is a lovely cheeky boy who loves getting attention off his human friends, and has made himself a firm favourite with many.

Tom Thumb

Tom is a skewbald miniature Shetland pony born in 2004. He was living on a horse dealers yard as he had been bought in a batch and was going to be put to sleep because of his twisted forelegs, which have been deformed since birth. Though his mobility was fine and he suffered no pain or discomfort, the dealer was not prepared to sell him with fear of damaging his reputation. A local lady battled to buy him and save his life and the dealer eventually agreed on the condition that his origins were kept a secret. She signed Tom into the sanctuary as a yearling in 2005.

Tom was examined by Shy Lowen's vet, who agreed that his disability caused him no problems. In fact, he is faster and braver than a lot of the larger horses when playing in the field! Tom is a cute and adorable character who believes he is more like a 17hh than a minature Shetland. He is also very close to his frined, Bailey, even though he is small enough to walk under his belly. He is one of the sanctuary's most popular sponsor ponies and will live at Shy Lowen for the rest of his life.


Camilla is a friendly pony who does lots for the special needs children who attend the sanctuary. She provides pony rides and she gives gentle feedback to young people who are learning how to care for her. She is another of our older horses so works a little less than previously, but she's so happy in her work we let her join her friends in the school.


Isaac came to Shy Lowen in 2014 as a serial bolter. Something had made him believe that being ridden was terrifying and he would just run! We had hoped that we would be able to rehabilitate Isaac so that he could be loaned to someone who would be able to carry on our work in rehabilitating him. It hasn't quite worked out like that though.

With his new-found confidence, Isaac is turning into a true super star, and will be staying at Shy Lowen as one of our riding school horses. He loves meeting people, so if you come to one of our open days do say hello!





Muffin used to be a very unhappy boy when anyone tried to ride him. He would rear in terror, madly trying to get his rider off. He was so unsafe that his owners could no longer keep him and he was signed over to us.

It turned out that Muffin had a tumour on his neck. This was removed by our lovely vet and Muffin was transformed into a lovely gentle lad. He's so good being ridden now that he is staying with us as one of our riding school horses.




Willis came to Shy Lowen as a very scared young man who was signed over to us as he wouldn't let his previous owners even touch him. After a little bit of Shy Lowen magic, he quickly learned how to love humans and has now himself become a teacher as one of our riding school ponies. 


Thunder is our special black beauty who has found her place in life giving lessons in our riding school.








AP came to Shy Lowen as a completely wild young pony, part of a group that was destined for slaughter if rescue space had not been found quickly. 

With his stunning good looks and his perfect temperament, AP is now a firm favourite in our riding school, where he gives lessons to all abilities but especially to small children (his favourites!).